Thursday, June 7, 2007

MEME time!!!!

ok- so I got tagged... kinda- and here is my best effort at a "Daily Schedule" Keep in mind- my daily shedule isn't very "daily" right now. The following schedule is if Tommy is at work, which is, afterall, 75% of the time :)

6:30-7:30 am Paisley wakes up. I get woken up by a sweet "MAMA!" "MAMA!" "MAMAAAAA" and sometimes a "DADA" gets in there. I lay there until the "MAMA" gets louder, or I start to hear her get mad which by my calculations is after about 15 min.

7:45-8:00 am- Breakfast. We put little Einstein's on hold while I make breakfast- and she eats it. I unload the night befores dishwasher, and clean the kitchen. After Paisley eats she sits on the couch and drinks her "jooooce" and Mama checks her emails and does a few loads of laundry.

*** SOME mornings this is when I meet up with Tommy for our walk/jog... quote "SOME "mornings***

9:00 am I get ready, and then get her ready- we usually try to be out of the house as close to 9 o'clock as possible, but some mornings just move to slow. So we aim for 10.

10:00 am We go somewhere, a park- the beach, my walk, play-dates, groocery shopping, errands. This is the time we go out and DO things.

11:45 am Paisley is either falling asleep in the car, or she is about to be put down.

12:00 She is officially down (unless she slept in till 7:45- then she doesn't go down until 12:30) I re-check my email, play on the internet or better yet- pay bills, manage accounts, clean up the kitchen (again), pick up toys, scrapbook, eat lunch, plan dinner, make the dinner, talk on the phone... all the fun "adult" things.

2:00 she is up. :) We relax on the couch for a bit- she does not wake up well from her nap and needs Mama Cuddle Time. (FINE by me!) Then we decide if we are going to go to the pool, or a park- whatever we did not do earlier usually is what we end up doing.

4:30 ELMO comes out. By this time in the afternoon I am D-O-N-E. :) Elmo comes out to play, and I break out my Coke Zero for the day. (hey- that rhymed) I use it as my extra little push to get me through the next 3 hours! I "Bzzzz" aroound the house as I call it. This is my admitted time to get sidetracked- I finish any things around the house that I wasn't able to finish already, call people back, get the mail.... that kind of stuff.

6:00 Paisley and I have dinner. We go over our letters and shapes. Then I clean the kitchen for the UMPTEENTH time today- and put all the dishes away clean the floors and whatever else that stood in Paisley's way :)

6:30 Paisley is in the bath. We go over all her letters, which she now knows 90% of. :) Recognition, and saying them out loud!!! She sings the alphabet song ( in her own sweet little version) and WE unwind, yet again. Once out of the tub- I get her dressed, we read 3-4 books, say our prayers, sing a few songs together, and have a kissing war.

7:00 She is in bed, falling asleep, or like tonight... talks for 35 min. THEN falls asleep. Either way that is the end of my day. I pick up toys (again) check my email (again) call people back (again) and relax.

9:00 Tea time. Every night I have a double of my Sleepy time EXTRA tea, with a Tsp. of honey- I LOVE it. It has become my ritual- and with that said..... it is 9 o'clock on the dot. SO- you know where I am headed!

10:00 night night- I actually end up laying there for about 1 hour- and then finally drift off to "La-La Land" I think of all the things I get to do (over) tomorrow- but it quickly reminds me of how AMAZING my day to day life is- and how I am SO thankful that I get to spend this time with my child, watching her every move day in and day out, and not have to work some 9-5 job somewhere!!!



Brandi said...

As you and i know, its better to have this schedule than the ones we had before Davis!!!!

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