Sunday, June 10, 2007

No Pertty Flowers

The lady who lives in the corner unit has not put up any fresh flowers yet. She does however have a small plant maybe like a herb, or something. I have come to see that she has a high chair in her kitchen, so maybe she has been really busy with a baby or something. I think she is hispanic. I saw a hispanic man on her porch. Smoking. So- now that I am the newest snoop in my complex- I'll keep you posted on what's to come.
Right now the only thing that is driving me MAD is this dog that lives across the way. Bldg. 1810 apt. 103. He seems like a nice dog, but his bark is HORRIBLE. He barks morning, noon and night. It;s not a sweet little bark, it is a vicious loud and very repatative bark. I have been "tolerating" this since they moved in like 6 months ago. But now it has gotten so bad that I have called Edgar, the walk around security, and told the Apt. manager. I mean- I like dogs and all- but not this one. Imagine living on the courtyard/playground, like we do, and having 10 kids if not more at a time playing. Every time a kid walks by, runs by, skips by.... this dog goes into a tizzy fit, and barks for 5 min. A couple days ago it got so bad- Tommy yelled "SHUT-UP" out the window. It takes a lot to get him to that point. :)
Then there is this kid "Joseph" that drives me nuts here... (can you tell I HATE apartment living?) he thinks it is fun to yell back and forth in kids faces... like a scream off. He yells as loud as he can, then the other kid yells as loud as they can. Then they play tag for 30 minutes, while screaming and yelling god knows what in spanish- and yelling "IZA-BELLA" from one end of the courtyard to the other.... this goes on EVERY night from about 3pm to 8:30- or until I come out and say very sweetly "Can you please keep it down" or call security. Depends on the mood I am in.

* So my life at this moment is filled with barking dogs, and screaming kids- both which aren't even my own.


Ghia said...

Hi Kalyn! I found your blog by way of Liz's...I'm telling you-these blogs are like internet CRACK for me!! I can't get enough! Anyways...i'm not trying to steal your friday friend...i promise!!! Let's scrap soon! Oh, and BTW, not all kids named Joseph are screamers!!! :o)

Liz said...

DUDE you guys should come play in Carly's semi-fabulous playroom. Seriously, it is off the hook, yo.

Ghia said...

Liz-I want to see pictures of this semi-fabulous playroom! Is that what you get when you only have one child and no other relatives living in the house??!! teeheehee

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