Friday, July 13, 2007

I shop at 8 hr. sales

Yes.... I am SUCH a SUPERMOM, that my other SUPER-single-MOM friend of mine and I went to an 8 hour sale at....wait.... just wait for it.... ALBERTSONS. Ya, I know- you were thinking Nordstroms or some other place my A@@ fit into pre-pregnancy. But no- it was Albertsons, and it was by far... some of the best fun I have had at a grocery store to date. Really. We went up and down every isle- we clipped coupons, and we bough the 8 hour sale items... just because. I know you internets must be thinking "Wow, she really needs a life" but really- yesterday was one of the most productive days I have had in a while. Tommy, P, and I started off the morning with Breakfast at Hennesys (to say Hi to Tonya) then went to Karah's to play, because too many days away from her and I get withdrawals.... then we came home and chill-axed while P slept, then hi-tailed it to the beach, where Paisley swam in the warm ocean water for the first time, on her own. Then we went by Golden Spoon to pick up some frozen heaven for later. Natch. Then I went to the 8 hour Albertsons sale, then T BBQ'd for Karah and I, and we had THE most delicious dinner I have had in along time with sautéed mushrooms, twice baked red potatoes, salad, and GS. Then went to bed. :) It was a GREAT day. Like I said before, being a SUPERMOM really is the planets best job there is. I love my life, and no one can convince me otherwise.


Brandi said...

Shout out to Albertsons. I had no idea they even had 8 hr sales.

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