Thursday, August 16, 2007

Welcome Home Fischer Family

One heart seperated from two- together at last, much over due.


Brandi said...

LOVE IT...the warm fuzzies are getting addicting.

Liz said...

you made me cry! you are so sweet and we are SO lucky to have our special day memorialized by you, my super talented warm and fuzzy bestest girlfriend.

and don't yell at me for blog-jumping..he's in the Bathroom.

what's your favorite number? mine is seven =)

Amy said...

Hi Kalyn, Liz's TEXAS friends say a huge THANK YOU for taking great pictures so we can see the happy family!!!

kalyn said...

Hhahahahaha...Liz, you make me laugh. Amy- no problem!! It was my pleaseure to document the special day. Between you and me (and the rest of the internet world) I could barely focus through my constant stream of tears!!! :)

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