Thursday, September 27, 2007

and, I'm IN!

We are here. Not "there" anymore. This house is HUGE- and you can tell it is a HUGE step up from our last residence, because there is soooo much wall space. :) We emptied out about 90% of our storage- so that was nice, AND OUR HOUSE IS STILL BARE. Paisley loves the backyard- so do I. She has her own playroom. I am not finished with the decorations in that room yet- but as soon as I am, I will post photos. :)

My Mom left Tuesday and I was very sad. For the first time- I felt alone. She had been here since Friday and she was my rock to get me through this move. Tommy was in the Academy, and I had to not only do all the packing, but mentally prepare for a lost little 2 year old. Who I thought would be fine with this move, because, well- she is usually fine with all this stuff, but WASN'T!!!!! Every nap, and bedtime she screams and cries like someone is pulling her hair. This is a HUGE change for my little Bubbas who tells me "nigh-nigh...bed" and goes to sleep the second I lay her down. :( Say it out loud with me: "This too will pass. this too will pass" Anyways, back to the alone feelings; I am in this big house with nothing up on the walls, no memories yet, and a screaming and crying child. No internet, which means no portal to the outside world. I am/was in a frump.

Then, to top it all off- like I wasn't stressed enough, Tommy so graciously offered me up to be his personal "Brinks" driver. He and the guys from the Academy held a Carwash/Boot Drive for the Mission Hills high school football player, Scott Eveland, who collapsed a few weeks ago on the field at a game. He is still unresponsive- and not looking good. ANYWAYS- All the guys came up with this idea on their own and gave up their Saturday (a.k.a moving day for the Kavanaughs) to hold this fundraiser. They collected over 1$6,000 dollars- and made me the go-to gal to find the place to donate it, which it was so kindly placed in a large backpack with ALLLLL cash, and write the letter informing the family that they did this for "Scottie"! I know no pressure.

SO- Today is the first day I actually feel normal again. Maybe it's because my internet decided to wake up miraculously today. Or becuase the large backpack of $16,000 in 1's 5's 10's and 20's is not in my possesion anymore. I dunno- either way- I LOVE my new house, and I love all the space we have. Come on over- check it out! :)


brooke2916 said...

Oh, hun! I didn't even realize you were having a rough time the other day when we stopped by. I'm sorry! As soon as I get through MY move (arg!) hopefully life can get back to normal for the both of us and our kiddos will be happy campers again! Lo-lo is hanging in there, but we'll see how he does at the other end of the line. We should set up a Legoland day for later next week and just go PLAY!! Let me know! I'm here for ya if you want to chat (well, kinda, since I'm going through a move too... but if you need me I'm here!)

Sarah D said...

Wow...$16, didn't go to Vegas with it? J/K that is awsome that they did that, good for them. I know it's been rough but, you will be strong...remeber, you're SUPER MOM!

Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

$16,000 is mighty impressive. And I feel ya on the sleep thing. Max was REALLY bad when Mike left for Iraq. I know different reasons but same result and YES, this to shall pass. Congrats on the new digs!

liz said...

oh yay! we love your new house and can't wait to have lots of playdates (fighting dates) in the playroom!

yay for the kavanaughs!

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