Saturday, September 1, 2007


Yumm... I sure do love me some "Beni-Hanas". Tonight we decided to make an impromptu trip to our FAVORITE restaurant. We had taken Paisley once before and it was a semi nightmare. She was only about 8 months old at the time, but we remembered it being hard. We figured about 1 1/2yrs. later would be a good time to attempt it again. How did she do you ask? WONDERFUL!!! We were seated within minutes or arriving, ordered our drinks, and we got her a Virgin Banana Berry Breeze. This occupied her for the first 15 minutes. She is a major fan of tropical drinks, so boys... in 21 years... WATCH OUT. I have a feeling this lil' wild child will be the girl with expensive taste! :) We ordered our food and just a few minutes later, the chef came out and started the "show" she LOVED the egg spinning on the table. She kept yelling "YAY... ba'" We tried to explain it was an egg and not a ball. But she preferred it to be a "ba". Then they made our Fried rice- which is Tommy's absolute favorite part of the dinner (mine is the salad with Ginger dressing, Umm YUM) She ate almost her entire bowl of rice!! By that point, her hibachi chicken was ready. It was a little to hot to eat, so she went back to her fu-fu cocktail. I guess corn came along with her kids meal, Tommy had told the guy to not make it hot, and he looked at us like we were from Mars or something. He said with his best Spanish/Japanese accent "no- sorry, I must cook first." I laughed and rolled my eyes.... What? Was he worried the CANNED CORN would make us sick or something? So- we let him "cook" her corn. By that point we were finished and they came over to sing Happy Birthday to me Paisley sang along with them, (it was so cute) and she had everyone at our table, and the two surrounding tables laughing. They let her blow out the candle, and when we left, she said "bye-bye" to every person. A few special people even got some air blown kisses. Tommy and I could not stop laughing. He was so funny- he was holding her, and was cracking up at her dramatic farewells to everyone. The whole place (30+ people) were laughing with us as we left.

We had a GREAT time, and it was so nice to go to dinner and NOT be the family with the screaming child for once :)


Brandi said...

Holy crap you are brave..and i love it! Ryan is banned from all eating establishments until the last time is erased from my memory. Happy birthday again. Glad you had a nice family night out!

Liz said...

that is so cute!!! i love this picture of you guys! paisley is the perfect mix of both of you...and i'm so sad we missed the fun time...but i'm glad you got some family time. =)

omg. and what if (from your email)? and only you? CRAZINESS!

Sarah D said...

YAY! Im SOOO glad it went well, wish we could have been there to see the show...I mean the Paisley show!!

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