Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just 10

My good Friend over at "WFT" did this, and she told all of us to do it too, so here goes nothing:

1. Three words to describe your best friend: Hardworking, Funny, Handsome

2. Three of your best characteristics: Outgoing, Caring, THoughfull

3. Three words to describe your house: (my new one) Open, backyard, 3bdrm

4. Three things you're working on: weight management, health, patience

5. Three major goals in the next three years: homeownership, a Brother for Paisley, GOOD financial stability

6. Three favorite foods: Grapes, salad, Golden Spoon

7. Three least favorite foods: Fast Food, Pastrami, most fish

8. Three words to describe your friends: Wonderful, Kind, Beautiful

9. Three words to describe your child (now or in the future): Rambunctious, Life of the party, and Outgoing

10. Three words to describe how you're feeling today: HAPPY (it's my B-day) Loved, Silly

**OK- that was fun. Thanks for playing. Now you do it too!!!! :P


Brandi said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so gonna do that--on a less busy day. And...a brother for Paisley????? Hmm...I remember a post that said differently! I'm just teasing. We are "thinking" about it too...funny how life changes with a full year of sleep.

kalyn said...

hahahaha..... Brandi, it said in the next 3 YEARS. Not tomorrow!!!!! I am thinking in 2 yrs we will start trying!!! :)

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