Monday, September 3, 2007

Song and Dance.

"I hate the la. I hate the heat.... la la." Now wave your arms up and down (like a bird) to air out your armpits.

WOW- Have I told you how much I hate the heat??? THANKFULLY we have air conditioning in our cubicle, I mean apartment. I could not imagine not having it. Granted- our bill this month might be up in the 200$ mark- but it will be worht EVERY penny. :) OK- the Kavanaugh Klan and the Fischer Fam are meeting up to go to the Davis Digs.... and PAR-TAY.
I'll chat more later....


Anonymous said...

I love your humor! You make me laugh, and by the way, I am once again airin' out the pits! No air conditioning at the Davis Digs...did ya notice!!!
Sarah BBBB Davis!!!

Liz said...

fun times today at the dd!

and it is SO FREAKING HOT.

paul did call tonight and he did say that it's like ninety-five with a hundred percent humidity. and he did run five miles.

i told him he was a showoff and he said he knew it. =)

Brandi said...

We've had a week of over 100 and today is supposed to only be 86 which is crap cuz its 80 in the house and its noon!

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