Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Dolllar Tree

Not the kind that grows in my parents backyard, the one that is in an outdoor shopping plaza. I am not too sure yet if I am a fan. I went today because a gal that Scraps where I do my Scrap nights said they had generic thickers. (Google it) for only one dollar. I flipped. Thickers (again, google it) are my ABTHOLUTE favorite!!! (whoops- I guess the lisp stuck.) SO- I dropped off Paisley at a friends, and headed over to do thome major Thicker thopping. :P I am very sad to announce, they were outta Thickers- so now, because I need to cure my fix, I am going to buy ever color, every font.. on the other (online) store that I like. This place sells them at about 75-cents cheaper then any other store, so I guess a bargain is a bargain. Gotta run- the Thickers are calling my name!!!


Ghia said...

I want Thickers! Where is your online hook-up? I need a dealer!

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