Friday, October 12, 2007

A day in the Life

I did this before- but this week is a better example. THis is my attempt to TRY and SHOW a day in the life of a Mommy. There will always be the ongoing debate between a working hubby and a Stay at Home Mommy, (unless you have that rare breed) who works harder. People without kids DO NOT GET IT. This is the hardest job I have ever had. I don't get to commute- or clock in and out- my job never ends!!!!! So, here is my second attempt at showing a day in the life.

Thursday Oct. 11th
4:00 a.m. Tommy leaves for work.
5:00 Paisley wakes up SCREAMING
5:30 I finally get up.
6:00 Snuggle time on couch (I try to catch a few more ZZZ's)
6:30 Paisley refuses to let me "rest" and makes me color with her on the floor.
7:00 Paisley Breakfast
7:30 Kalyn has Coffee (I know- they aren't in the most effective order. Just being honest here folks)
8:00 Kalyn Breakfast- and clean up mess made.
8:30 Chase Paisley around the house for 30 minutes trying to change her diaper.
9:00 Pick up house
9:30 Try to shower and be out the door by 10
10:00 still trying to shower
10:30 Out the door to run a few errands
11:00 errands (had my shirt pulled WAAAAY down!)
11:15 home- P down for nap.
11:30 Kalyn eats a quick snack- clean house, mop floor, catch up on emails
12:00 same as above
12:30 Sit down for the first time on hours
1:00 P is awake (EARLY!!!!)
1:30 Luch for Paisley, walk to mailbox to get mail
1:45 chase P around the house to change diaper and gather belonging to leave the ouse again.
2:00 Out the door to run more errands that couldn't be done earlier.
2:30 errands
3:00 errands- on this particular one, P ran around the ENTIRE Henrys Market, and also choked on a malt ball she stole from the bulk bins- then threw up (while choking) in my hand.... Niiiiiiiiice. :)
3:30 Park for Play time
4:00 Park
4:30 Home- P plays outside while I start to get ready for the evening.
5:00 same as above
5:30 same as above with a little trying to bring in P for the day.
6:00 P has dinner
6:30 I make dinner for T and I
6:45-7:00 Tommy comes home
7:00 Tommy puts P in bath and I do bed time routine: get dressed, read 2 boooks, and (pray she goes to bed)
7:05 She is asleep (first time in over 2 weeks)
7:08 Tommy and I sit down and eat together.
7:30 I am cleaning up the kitchen
8:00 I make his lunch for the next day
8:30 Tommy is in bed. Aslee before his head hits the pillow. * Must be nice*
9:00 I watch Grays Anatomy alone- hey- at least it's quiet.
10:00 CLean up my mess from making his lunch. Make his coffee, feed fish, water plants turn on/off lights. Bathroom, wash teeth/face, take pills- get in bed.
10:30 lay in bed for 30 min trying to fall asleep.
11:00 ASLEEP.

*** WHat is YOUR daily schedule?????


Brandi said...

Its exhausting isn't it??? I thought sleeping through the night would suddenly transform me...but its been a year. Its 100% better but i'm still tired all the time :(

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