Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Q-4-U

Some thoughts and questions on my mind lately:

1. Why is it that when it rains it pours?
2. Spagehtti Squash Pie is the best EVER. I could eat it every day!
3. What is the good in having my child NOT want to go to sleep at night? * you know; they say always look for the good in every situation.
4. Who is this Tila Tequilla kid- and why is she so special?
5. WHy can't I lose all my weight at once?
6. Why do so many people in this neighborhood have annoying car alarms?
7. Why do bad things have to happen to good people?
8. I want a new hair do.
9. Where is this "Fall" or "Winter" season already???
10. I love watching bubbles float.
11. Why do my shoes smell?
12. I want to own more potted plants. I just love them inside a home.
13. I have a sweet tooth. :(
14. Why CAN'T I eat golden spoon all day???? WHY???? [insert. pouty face, and stomping of feet)


liz said...

wth is tila tequilla? but i LOVE your hair! does p at least sleep in a little for you? i don't have access to bolt cutters, so will you please just send your recipe? ooh! i have eight bajillion pots! you can totally use some.


Sarah D said...

Ha could go all day!

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