Tuesday, October 2, 2007


OMG- I am soooo excited. This is just in. BooMama- a "professional" blogger has agreed to hold a Giveaway of my photos. She will be holding a drawing (for MY photos) on Monday October the 8th. What this consists of, is her like over 1,000 readers a day will be instructed to go to my Etsy Shop, online and pick their favorite photo. They then comment on her page, which one they would like the best. Then after the day is over, BooMama picks a random number and that person or people win one of my prints. :) YAY!!!!!! So, PLEASE everyone- pass this new and VERY exciting info along to your family and friends. Post about it on your blog- or myspace... let's get the word out there. :) This is marketing like never before- it will do wonders for my talent- and even bigger wonders for my ego! :)



Brandi said...

Congrats! I love Boomama...and I found her on your site!

liz said...

YAY! It's going up in about three point five

Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

How exciting!!!! I'll be sure to check it out :o)

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