Friday, October 5, 2007

TWO days people.... TWO days!!!

If you are clueless to my TWO DAYS title... look at the "This Just In" entry below this LONG one. :)

Ok- so WOW- this week has had a TON of new shows. I know this because I DVR'd 90% of them and am officially done catching up on them. I have one day to read my NEW book (thanks Liz) and will have to start all over catching up on my 73 shoes. :)

OK, so lets start with the "Hills". I LOVE it. I feel like I can relate A LOT to Lauren. She has the same point of views on friends and their boyfriends. Need I say more? Next is "Bachelor". He is cute. Not by any means the "Hottest Bachelor ever" like ABC says. :) I like a few of the girls. But some just gotta go!! You know exactly who. "Prison Break" is eh' just past it's prime. I mean, I like it and all- I watch it and all... but it is just not the same. What? Is he just going to break out of every prison, cuz if so, tell me now and I will stop watching. I mean- I know how the story ends!!! Tuesdays.... "LA Ink" and "Beauty and the Geek". LA Ink- could not be MORE of my favorite show. No more to say. "Beauty and the Geek"-Anything by Ashton Kutcher is F-I-N-E by me!! Also, on Tuesdays is " John and Kate+8" SOOOOO cute! ANd if they can stay married with 2 6 year olds, and 6 2 year old..... I can make it with one two year old! 'nough said. Wednesday nights....oh- that is the night before Grays, also my biggest night of recorded TV. My DVR loves me that night. I feed him. "Americas Next Top model". YUM. I love the awkward girl that has Asperger's disease. ( I didn't know it- or know how to spell it, I googled it :) I think she is perty. Tyra however.... is getting VERY redundant. If I hear " I have two girls in front of me, and only one photo..." I think i will PUKE! Next on my Wed. night list is, "Kid Nation". HELLO.... LOVE IT. What a concept. 40 kids with no adults left to see if they can lead a city. SO cute. :) I love that little weird kid who walks around citing different movies and quotes from before his parents time :) Oh- "Pushing up Daisys". I actually have heard nothing of it, watched it tonight, and thought it was kinda cute. I don't like make believe stuff... but this was kinda sweet. AND THAT COLOR. WOW- ABC must have had a high digital effect budget. WOWSERS. "Private Practice". The spin off of Grays. LIke it, but don't love it. I mean- how can you compete with GRAYS??? HELLO PEOPLE??? But- it made me cry. I have to admit. * then again, so do the new dog food commercials!!!

* WOW, this post got longer than I had anticipated.

Thursday nights... WHEW. It needed it's own paragraph. "UGLY BETTY", "SURVIVOR", and "GRAYS ANATOMY". Thursday nights can't get much better! :) Not ONE bad thing about any of them! AMEN!
Oh- and Fridays are my catch up night Saturdays are movie night, and Sundays are "Extreme Home Makeover" (for when I want a good cry) and "Desperate Housewives"- which I LOVE. Nothing better than a few mischievous women to start my week off well! :)

WOW. I am officially tired. Good night.


Sarah D said...

What about Las Vegas on Friday are really missing out! I watch about 80% of those shows too...Love John and Kate, Prison Break(although I know whatcha mean) Amer. Next Top Model...I love that girl too! Desperate Housewives, of course...Oh I am totally out of order! xoxo

Brandi said...

I also love John & Kate...but you are missing The Office on Thursday night. Come on...give it a try.

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