Thursday, November 1, 2007

Let me Interpret this for you....

Paisley's *Latest and Greatest

Paw-wee = Potty
Bah-ss = Bus
Meh= Mess
loo-loo Quaa= Little Quack (her favorite bed time book)
Izzz-crm= Ice Cream
Eeea-Or = Eyore
Pooh-bay - Pooh Bear
Tich er Tree= Trick or Treat
Cuck = Truck
Eye "jsfghafgk" = I love you
hay-ear = hair
Baff= Bath
LOO = Look
Tink, Tink, Tink = Think Think Think (with the finger tapping on the head and all....from Winnie the Pooh)
Poo-boo's = Bubbles
Foo = Food
Yumm Yumm = Candy or M&M's
Beh = Bed
Go = Car ( I apparently yell at Cars to "go" to often)
Tank Yu Go = Thank you Car ( I say this to often too.... when I get cut off)
Ah-dun = All done
Wah-er = Water
Jooooooce = Juice
pump-pay= Pumpkin
Boop= Brooke ( Logans Mommy and my good friend)
ZZZzzzz = Liz ( Carlys Mommy and my good friend)
Sah-WA = Sarah (my childhood BF)

* all within the past 4 months!


Brandi said...

Cool. Ryan got about 20 words in the last 2 months too.

liz said...

hehehee zzzzz

you forgot nee = more! that's an important one to "interrupt" because i NEVER would have understood it w/o your help!

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