Friday, November 16, 2007

Lions, Tigers...and Bearded Ladies

**********Do me favor, go over to my music list and click Play, it will make this post a lot more enjoyable. Maybe***********

Do you ever feel like your life is like a 3 ring'd circus? I DO. Having a wild two year old run around the house pretty much ALL. DAY. LONG is like being the opening act at Ringling Brothers or Barnam and Bailey's. The TV is on, The phone is ringing, I am now juggling 3 apples.... it's amazing.

On a daily basis I feel like in one ring, better know as, corner of my house, the Little Einsteins are singing like their fourth song in 20 minutes, in the other ring, the coffee is flowing over the top of where the filter with grounds go because I forgot to take the pot out of the dishwasher and place it in it's rightfull home, and in the last ring- I have a two year old running circles around whatever is grasping her attention for that minute. Meanwhile- the phone is ringing, my computer dinged like 8 times to tell me " You've Got Mail", a neighbors car alarm is making every known buzz, ding, or hoot a car can possibly make- it's like the Mocking Bird of car alarms..... CAN YOU IMAGINE??? Is the music getting to you yet? This is on a good day.

Sing it with me now... you know that Circus music..... appropriate huh??


Maria said...

SO FUNNY!!! The music does help!
Currently in the center ring, we have Andy screaming at Bunnytown b/c he'd rather have DA-DINES! In one side ring, we have The Baby Matt trying to take off for outer space in his Jumperoo. And in the third ring, we have Mommy who should be doing homework before getting everyone ready for church but instead is making her ritualistic rounds of the blogs!

kalyn said...

Hahahaha..SEE??!!!!! It is like being in a circus, I tell ya. WAIT- for me (with ONE child) it is a Circus.... for you- it is a ZOO, you have little monkeys all over the place!!! :P

brittany said...

i didn't know you could juggle... :) I want to see he he he

brooke2916 said...

OMG, the music is perfect!! It really does describe the normal day in the life of a mom!

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