Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm Too Tired to Think of a Title.

Hi guys and gals. I'm back. I have been a little busy lately. All that juggling kept me on my toes. Life is starting to calm down again, and get back to it's unpredictable unordinary. Friday Tommy goes back to work on his VERY predictable schedule. I like predictable.

Today I was at one of my least favorite "Marts" and I saw a Dad and his, I assume, son sitting at McD's The father was wearing overalls, had shoulder length hair and a wore a go-tee. The kid looked a little rough around the edges as well. As I stood there looking on they did not even notice me or my screaming child who at that moment was yelling "Blue Jooooooice" over and over and over... (Blue Powerade) as I l watched the two- Father and Son. I started thinking about how it doesn't matter how you wear your hair, what style you take on... even if it is OVERALLS- that these two had an AMAZING relationship. I will never know if it truly was his Father, or if it was a long lost Second Uncle. This man was paying attention to this kid, and this particular kid was eating it up. Almost as fast as he was eating his Double Double. It made me smile, and I thank them for that.

On a side note to the previous post. Tonight I watched the show "Little People Big World" and I watched a scene where the Dad, Matt Roloff and his daughter, Molly were in the Peach trees looking for good peaches to pick. Matt started a "contest" who could bite into the rotten peach closest to the rotten, bug eaten part. They passed this peach back and forth and I could not help but think of how sweet these two were, and how neat it must be to grow up on something bigger than a cul-de-sac and picking peaches in your backyard that consists of 30 acres. I envied that moment shared between the two- and I can only hope that Paisley and I can create such fun memories.
*BTW... The daughter Molly won the contest. She bit right up to the worm holes :)


Brandi said...

Happy Thanksgiving! So glad you were able to see a cute moment, even in a "mart."

Anonymous said...

I loved that moment with Matt and Molly too... i'm his mom and enjoyed your writing in the above comment as well.
blessings, Peggy

brooke2916 said...

You know.... you inspire me. You always manage to find something so beautiful in the normal everyday stuff. It's something I used to be able to do, but as I've grown up I've lost it a bit. You make me realize that sometimes I just need to take a step back and look a bit harder. Thanks hun.

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