Sunday, November 11, 2007

Marts, Hero's and Sexiness...oh my!

I haven't had a lot to say lately. Maybe that is because a good 75% of my day is spent repeating myself and putting my child in timeout. There. I had something to say.

Really though- a few things I DO have to say is that I hate K-Mart. Yes. I said it. I actually hate "Wallmart" too- Anything with a "MART" seems to not agree with me. Now Target (pronounced Tar-jay ) on the other hand is..... FABULOUS. I hate that word. It's been over used, better yet, ruined. Target and I are good friends. I love Target.

Oh, and.... My sexy husband is home with me today. I really haven't seen him in 6 days- which I know is NOTHING compared to my AMAZING, COURAGEOUS, STRONG, VIVACIOUS, INTELLECTUAL friend "Zzzzz" because she has not seen her hubby in... let's say.... three HUNDRED and six days! WOW. But to each his own right? I mean 6 days for me IS like 306 days. Yesterday at 7 when he (finally) came home- I was like putty. I could not discipline, I could not cook... I was WORTHLESS.

Ok, Ok... one MORE thing. DId I tell you how HOTTTT I think my hubby is?! He is a Hero. Today he "saved" 3 boys from going down a beaten path. We were walking at the Harbor and he got bumped by 3 young men who had just stolen about 20 shirts from a souvenir store. He saw them run out of the store and take off towards the beach. Tommy saw a police man across the way, so he ran over and told the Police what he saw. 5 minutes later we saw all 3 guys handcuffed getting arrested. I like to think that my (sexy) husband saved them from going down a bad path in life. That by getting arrested for stealing three "Oceanside, Ca" souvenir shirts is the best thing that could have happened to them. If they hadn't been caught by my (sexy) husband- they could have gone on to drugs, or robbery...... you never know. So- YAY for my hero. He saved another one of Oceanside's finest kids!


liz said...

1) you are so nice to me!

2) i was just thinking tonight that not all heroes wear camis, even though we all of us tend to forget that. tommy's a badass.

3) let's see who among us gets the least sleep ;)

4) and finally...this is a FABULOUS (barf) post!

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