Sunday, December 2, 2007


Was that seriously the end of Desperate Housewives until after the first of the year??? WHAT?????

At the beginning they said a husband and a friend would be lost. I am betting the Friend is "Ida" since they went on and on about how she is a "friend" (knowing that the hubby lost was the jerk. a@@. Mayor. Back to the Friends part.... it got me thinking (not always a god thing) What makes a "Friend" in your book? Is it someone you speak to once in a blue moon, or someone you speak to daily. We all have different definitions of what a " Friend" is and I think that is what complicates a lot of friendships- like Lynette and the neighbor. The holidays is the best time to do some reflecting and evaluate if you are that "Friend" who is only around when it is convenient, or if you are that heart felt dedicated friend that you say you are. Tis' the season my Friends, (you see I can see that, because I know only my "friends" read this!) and do yourself some good and hang some mistletoe. :)


liz said...

I think Victor and Carlos are dead. Gabby lost Victor, her husband and everyone was friends with Carlos...that's my bet. So now what in the world is Gabby going to do? She has no sugar daddy and no millions in an offshore account?! Oh, the suspense!

It's a good question...worth some thought. =)

Sarah D said...

I know, Im sorry but that episode was not as good as they made it sound...I think Carlos might be the "friend" but you may be right about Ida, it was kind of implied a lot...she probably died in her sleep. BTW, you know I am the tride and true friend you are talking about, after all these years, isn't it great!

Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

I may get taken off the "friends" list for this but desperate housewives - REALLY? I've never seen it but the commercial all look so, well, cheesy or I don't know... over the top.

As far as friends go I think I'm a good one. I suppose if I didn't have good friends that have spanned, gosh, 20 years then I'd question myself a bit more. Interesting post Kalyn.

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