Friday, January 11, 2008

Buckle Up

Do you wear a seat-belt? If there wasn't a law in California to wear your seat-belt, would you??? Today I was sitting at a stoplight by my house, and one of the "Alpha Project" guys, we'll call him "Bob", who sells newspapers, had a sign that said "Buckle Up". I rolled my window down and "Bob" and I started talking. I asked "Bob" if he ever had to actually show it to people, to remind them to wear them. He said more often then he would like to admit. Right then, I glanced to the left of me and there was a guy NOT wearing his seat-belt. I pointed my finger over to the guy NOT wearing his seat-belt and "Bob" went right up to his window and held the sign up to it. "Bob" was looking at me and laughing. So was I. So was Paisley. What I don't get is why wouldn't someone wear their seat-belt? Why wouldn't you want to be safe in a moving vehicle? WHY???? I guess I was always taught to wear one, and it was not only the law- but a very SAFE decision. "Bob" is a really nice guy- and I enjoyed chatting with him for those 3 minutes while my light was red.

Oh, and the guy in his car next to me never did put his seat-belt on!
...and "Bob" gave me a free paper! What a good "Bob" :)


Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

OMG Kalyn I love you! How funny is that? I would never have thought to chat with the guy! Hmmm, I think I miss out on some of the fun of life by not being more adventurous, regardless what my latte says (read my blog for THAT explanation). Anyway... I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt and really am not comfortable in my car without it. So no, I have no idea why someone wouldn't put it on!

brooke2916 said...

That's funny! I always wear mine... but I remember when I was little it wasn't the law yet, and there was a lot of time that I didn't wear a seatbelt. But after my 1st car accident I never stopped wearing one. Shane on the other hand NEVER wears his seatbelt.... It's a rebelion thing for him. He doesn't think he should be "told" by the state to wear one. But, every time we get in the car together guess who "tells" him to put it on??? YUP! If he won't listen to the law, he WILL listen to his wife! Hahaha!!

Sarah D said...

I ALWAYS wear mine and so do my loved their choice thank god! I remeber when I was dating Eric, he never wore it either, it was like a rebelion thing too or maybe like he was above it...but the thing that bugged me the most was that he was an EMT going on car accident calls all the time, seeing first hand what can happen! Some people just amaze me (in not so good ways!)

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