Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All I Can Do Is Ask.

Please go here. If I have never asked anything more of you, please go here. I found this AMAZING site- and if your computer allows you, please do the "Enhanced Experience". I have never felt so moved or touched by ANYTHING in my life before. I do suggest taking this tour w/o a little one near, because as nice as it is to hear my child making Elephant noises and Roars like a Lion in the background, it is more touching w/o. Also- the one with the little girl holding her chest, and the elderly woman w/ her eyes closed, actually brought me to tears!!!
PLEASE go here- it will touch you on a VERY deep level (make sure your sound is up too. There is a commentary!)



Lizzie Fish said...

oh my gosh, kalyn.

that's beautiful.

thanks =)

Kalyn said...

isn't it? It literally brought tears to my eyes. And I'm not even an emotional person (anymore) :) The photo of the little girl with her eyes closed, sitting with the Cheetah, and the one with the old woman with her eyes closed- those wrinkles. Made me tear up immensly. Oh my gosh. I want to go back RIGHT now and look.

Did you hear the man talking? That is what made it that much more beautiful!!!!

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