Monday, February 11, 2008

I Cleaned *ACHOO* My Kitchen Today *ACHOO*

House cleaning has never come easy to me. I would be lying if I said it did. I am not a dirty person by any means- I just have never really made house cleaning my number one priority. I would much rather be outside with Paisley then inside, sneezing b.c all the products make my nose itch. (fact) However, today, I get the House Wife Of The Day Award! I cleaned- and when I say cleaned- I mean DEEP cleaned. I pulled out my "Cleaning Caddy" that rarely sees the light of day. It is actually stashed in my bathroom under Tommy's sink, b.c that is how often I use it. I used some lemon scented stuff, some scrubby brush thing-a-ma-jig, a sponge, and then paper towels. Man.... are my counters clean now- you could literally eat of them! Then I moved onto my kitchen floors. I ADORE, Satillo tiles, they hide the dirt. :) After sweeping and then Swifter Wet, they are shiny and clean too. I'd bet you can eat off those too! I did the bare handed cleaning so I could really get in there- and you know- be one with the products. My hands are NOT happy with me now. They are dry, and rough. That's another reason I hate cleaning. Needless to say, I am happy I did it, and proud too. Maybe this afternoon I will move on to some dusting and vacuuming. WOW- that is pushing it though. Too bad Tommy wont be home until Thursday to see it. Here's hoping it stays clean that long!

*ACHOO* (I really did sneeze this time.)


Lizzie Fish said...

i'm sorry about your hands.

i'm passing out because of michelle hill *omg*

you are so. stinking. funny!

hearts to you and your sparkling surfaces

amanda said...

haha. I hate cleaning my kitchen too..or my house.

Ghia said...

Are you expecting company???

Kalyn said...

Actually, YES!!! My Mom comes in town this week so I can stay the night at the OC Scrapbook Expo! YAY!!!!!

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