Monday, February 25, 2008

Explanation of #4

okay, after several requests.... here it is- it is a GOOD one!!! Here are a few details:
I was in college up in Santa Barbara. My best friend Laurel, was in town visiting and we were going to a house party that night. None of us were 21 yet.

I lived in a VERY small part of Santa Barbara called Summerland. It is a one mile long (if that) city, and has a gas station, a liquor store, a post office, and a few tiny restaurants- then mostly houses. It borders Montecito, a very upscale city in SB. We lived in a house that was a few houses down from the Liquor store. As we hopped in our car- we heard police sirens in the distance. We thought nothing of it. My best friend was driving, I was in shot gun,( that fits even more now!!) and my Ex boyfriends best friend was in the back seat. We had some beer and alcohol in our trunk to bring to the party. We started heading south on the freeway to go to the next little city down, Carpinteria. As we were about to get on the freeway- we noticed a cop behind Laurels car. As we got on the freeway, we noticed a few more cops behind the other cop. Then, as we drove on the freeway, about 2 or 3 more cops came up to our car- they surrounded us, and told us to pull off the next exit. There were 2 cops waiting for us with flares. We pulled over- TOTALLY freaking out- they said through the megaphone to put our hands in the air. They then instructed us one by one to with one hand out the window, reach out of the car and open the door from the outside. Laurel and I were now crying- She was so scared and shaky- she had to yell back- "but my seat belt is on" They told her to undo it and to proceed. We continued to hear about 5 or 6 shotguns load- like the "chgg-chgg" Um-Hello...SCARY!!!! One by one we took off our seat-belts- and opened the door. They held us at gunpoint as they hadcuffed us, and walked us backwards... we were told to get on our knees, and lay down. (still being cuffed) They frisked us on the ground. **Keep in mind- we are 20 yrs. old and this was on the off ramp of the freeway!** They put us all in different cars, handcuffed of course, and interogatted us for over 20 minutes and searched our car!

Long story short- the liquor store down the block from my house was robbed at gunpoint, and the car was a "similar" car to the one Laurel drove. Since we were heading in the same direction, they thought we were the ones that robbed the liquor store!!!

Yes- they did find our alcohol in the trunk , they said they would let it slide due to their inconvenience on us!!!! :)

*You think that is good... you should hear the one about when I got a DUI in college :)


brooke2916 said...

Good Story :) Thanks for sharing!! I think they should have bought you all another case of beer for the inconvinience (I'm really tired, so excuse my spelling)!!

Lizzie Fish said...


How scary!!!

I'm glad you got to keep your booze, though. I can't imagine you robbing a liquor store at gunpoint! That makes me laugh. =)

Kalyn said...

ya I know haugh? ANd we were fully dressed in pointed toe stilletoes!!! YOU try to get down on your knees, and then to lie down on the ground cuffed- it sucked!!!

Try it- no really- do it!

brooke2916 said...

We're both preggers... I don't know about Liz, but stilletoes and miniskirts aren't quit in the wardrobe.

But Liz. We should try it anyway! How funny... 2 preggers dressed up with thier bellys sticking out trying to get on our knees while cuffed! Oh, man. What a site that would be! (Sorry, I'm in a silly mood... go read my most recent blog :) )

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