Saturday, February 23, 2008

News Up To The Minute

Debbie, a.k.a "Oma" gave Paisley a golf set- and we were waiting until Tommy came home so HE could teach her. He just got home and as I sit here I hear him say this: "Okay- so the object of the game is to gently roll.....No, No.... okay- PAISLEY!!!!...(sigh) This is frustrating"

This is one of those times I just sit back and smile. :)


brooke2916 said...

hahahahaha!! Nana bought one for Lolo... and guess who got to teach Lolo how to play? NANA! HAHA! Why is it that grandmas always want to buy the annoying/frustrating toys?? I've decided if she does, the toys live at her house!

Lizzie Fish said...

brooke, ME TOO. if there are batteries, they live at mom-mom's house.

k, this is awesome. =)

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