Friday, February 22, 2008

In a Perfect World...

...My husband would remember to take the trash out on Sunday evening, so I wouldn't have to run outside at 6am, in slippers, P.J's and no bra!!!
...I could eat all the golden spoon in the world, and my A@@ would get smaller!!!
...I could press Pause on a "Life Remote"- do all my chores, shower, check my email, and eat dinner all without my child whining for me or stepping exactly where I need to step.
...Friends would always be there for you.
...In laws wouldn't exist. Some can stay- others MUST go.
...I could have 6 hours a day to scrapbook, instead of 6 hours in a 2 week period. :)
... Liz would still live in California.
...I would have a date night ever week, followed by a bubble bath, a candle lit massage, and my husband asking me "So honey, let's talk- and after that do you want to snuggle?" Without the poke in the back. :)
...Logan and Paisley would get married. Boop would be a GREAT MIL for Paisley!
...My waist would DEcrease.
...I could watch the stars every night with Tommy and Paisley cuddled up close to me.
... I could grocery shop AND go to Target without my sweet child.
.... Bills would be obsolete.
...I could blog all day about the should be's, would be's and could be's :)

Happy Friday!


brooke2916 said...

I'm with you on a lot of these perfect world things... especially the garbage thing. But you won't see my pregnant butt getting the garbage down to the curb. My husband has forgotten for 2 weeks now, so we have 3 weeks of garbage piled up. Gross, I know. Oh.... and I think you would be a fantasic MIL for Logan too :) {{Thanks}}

Ghia said...

I agree. Except for the pushing pause to do chores. In MY Perfect World, I wouldn't have to do that crap!!

Lizzie Fish said...

amen to the snuggling without the poke in the kneecap...what, he's tall.

and so many of the rest of it! i was just thinking today that i wish there were a way for paul to still be home AND us be in cali. i guess you can't have everything..but i like a post like this. sometimes you do want it all, and all at the same time. =)


Ghia said...

oh ya. in my perfect world, Kalyn would scrap with me!!!

Kalyn said...

Hahahaha.. GHIA! You're killing me!!! :P

ZZZzz... as I just read your above comment, it made me think of my newest wall hanging:

" Having it all doesn't necessarily mean having it all at once."


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