Saturday, March 22, 2008


I am so excited. SOOO EXCITED!!! I have been planning tomorrows festivities for over a week now- and I just finished all the decorating! *Note to self: charge video camera* When Paisley went to bed- I ran over to the carrots we left for the Easter bunny and muched a few botes down, then I made her Easter basket. I got her an ADORABLY basket from Target that will be a good one for a few years. (Pictures tomorrow) It has all the goodies a basket should have: chocolate, jelly beans, peeps, a stuffed animal, a new tooth brush, and a few toys. LOOOOVE IT!!!! After filling her basket- I filled over 48 eggs. Then ran around in my bathrobe, (in the dark) hiding them in not-so-obvious place's... C'mon- the kids has got to work for all that candy!!! Then- I got a wild idea to pull out the sidewalk chalk (keep in mind- it's 9 p.m ) and decorate to the MAX our concrete slab in the back!! It was SOOO fun, and so cute!!!! I wrote "Hoppy Easter" with a hop skotch, drew a string of hears, decorated the trim of the patio, wrote her name in BIG blue letters, then drew about 10 larger flowers sprouting out of our back door step!!! (again, pictures tomorrow!) She is going to LOVE it!!! We are going to wait for Tommy to get home before ANY of the festivities begin... but we are BOTH so excited!!!!

YAY!!!! I LOVE Easter.

* And yes, Liz- none of this would BE possible ;)
** Happy Easter to you ALL!!!


Our Family of Four said...

You are over the top... I LOVE it! I'd feel bad for my kids because I didn't make them a basket but my Mom did and they had 2 egg hunts so all is good. I mean how much candy can two 3 yr olds eat anyway?

Lizzie Fish said...


You did such a good job! What a fun morning for Paisley - you are a celebration inspiration!!!

Brandi said...

Wow. Now I feel bad that the easter bunny left Ryan's gifts in a Walmart bag :(

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