Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A little Bit of Everything

I figured it was time for something new. Easter is over. Spring is HERE!!! Tomorrow Tommy is taking Paisley "Out on the Town" for a few hours so I can start our Spring Cleaning. :) Tonight I started going through all her toys and finding ones to donate or sell. I love getting rid of things. It makes me happy. Tomorrow, I am going to open the garage door, throw on some tunes- and ORGANIZE :) Yumm. LOVE IT!

Today, Paisley and I went to the beach with Brooke and Logan. We had SOOO much fun. The weather was a little chilly, with warm sun. Perfect in my opinion The kids had so much fun digging in the sand, making sand castles, and splashing in the water. I love warm Southern California days like today!

Hmm.... not much else to say. Maybe I need a Product of the week- or Quote of the week or something... I'll work on it :)


brooke2916 said...

Yay for spring cleaning... I'm hoping to get some cleaning done today too. The beach was awesome... just remind me next time to put on some sunscreen! I am a lobster :)

I vote for a song of week :) Ingrid is getting tired!

Kalyn said...

okay- song of the week it is :)

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