Saturday, March 22, 2008

To Hunt or Not to Hunt.... Eggs.

Today we went to two local Easter Egg hunts, one was through the city of Oceanside, and the other was at Lighthouse Christina Church. One was FAR better then the other, and I'll let you decide which....

Okay- now I'm no "Egg Hunting Professional" or anything, but I do know that it is NOT fair to throw 3 year olds with the 6-8 category, AND allow all their parents in on the hunting. That's a lot of people! Apparently something happened at the "City Egg Hunt" with the 3-5 year old location so they had to make a last minute decision. I have on video the MAD dash for the over 100 kids/family members of the now, 3-8 group. I felt like a fish out of water.... trying to get across the border. You follow me? Paisley found 2 pieces of candy. No eggs- no prizes... 2 pieces of candy. The only things left for her to get were candy wrappers :( I was very upset about this situation because we spent over 30 minutes finding parking, then walking to the location, to have her get TWO pieces of candy- then leave.

I was one hot & sweaty Mommy, ready to go home! I was about to turn down College to go home when I realized that the Church up on the hill was having an egg hunt too. I don't know if I broke any "Church Laws" because I am not a member of their church, but I figured if they knew our situation, they would be welcoming Paisley and her eggless basket, with open arms!!!

We got to the Church- easy parking, close proximity... NOTHING like the other place. Two people welcomed us with Easter wishes, and big smiles. We went straight up to the 2-4 year old section, and Paisley walked right in and was able to collect 10 eggs. *Each kid had a 10 egg limit! (I liked that A LOT!!!) The church egg hunt had pinwheels, and silk flowers stuck in the ground... it was BEAUTIFUL! Then they had age appropriate jumpy's and a time limit so each kid could have their turn! Paisley had a GREAT time- and I am so glad I have a video of each place- so you can SEE the difference!!!
*I'll upload them now!!!


Lizzie Fish said...

The second one sounds so wonderful and well-planned! I'm sorry the trashy O-side one didn't work out, though!


Our Family of Four said...

Ditto Liz, thankfully you are an awesome mom and worked it out for Paisley. Can't wait to see the video when it loads.

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