Friday, March 21, 2008


I'm so sad. I was going to post a photo of the new line of clothes that just came out at BabyGap, but they don't have ANY of what I actually bought on the website. But- they do have them in a Giraffe print, which is perfect for a Miss. Carly Fisch. SO- here's what I am thinking, Liz, get the cute sun dress and bathing suit in Giraffe, and I already got the Dress and bikini in Zebra....

How cute is that???!!!
I have a headache- I need to go snuggle with the hubby... I'll be back soon :)


Lizzie Fish said...

I'm on it!

*imagine me dashing off with a mission. i'm imagining a safari vest and some binoculars.*

WHAT A NERD! but it's so fun.

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