Sunday, April 6, 2008

5,6, and 7

I need an update! Thursday, Brooke and I took the rugrats to the Duckpond, they fed the ducks, attempted to fly a kite (not enough wind) then went on a hiking "ABenture". We had a reallly good time together! Then after naptime, Paisley had her very first Dance class!!! She was SOOOOO cute. Firday was my dear friend Sarah's baby girls first birthday, so Paisley and I went to the store and got her balloons, flowers, and a small cake! We spent a better half of the day over at her house playing! Saturday, was by far my favorite "Day of Fun" We went to The Baby Shaynes B-day party! Except.... it was a "SockHop 50's" theme. We had SOOO much fun!!! Logan was TOO cute. Dressed as a greaser- with a comb in his pocket and everything!!! WE had a GREAT time. :) TOday, I am not sure what is on the agenda. Tommy came home "sick" so who knows, the world might just stop- and I may need to take out a full page ad in the newspaper announcing it- because well, he is sick.


Lizzie Fish said...

aw, poor tommy. =(

I LOVED and ADORED those pictures of Shayne's birthday party! You guys did such an amazing job decorating and the girls looked great!


brooke2916 said...

LOL! Men are always so sensitive when they're sick! Shane is the same way, if he's sick everyone HAS to know.

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