Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday= Family Day

I got T off the couch, which is always a struggle.... and we went to the San Marcos Street Fair. It was actually really fun! We stopped by the San Marcos Fire Dept. booth- and I was able to meet all of Tommy's bosses, co workers, and probies. They were all really hot, I mean nice. :) It was really fun though, because I finally felt like, this was it. Like we have reached our dream. I sat there and chatted with another wife and her son- and I felt a part of the whole "club". Tommy and I have been working so hard at reaching his/our dream of being a PAID Firefighter- and we are SO close!! After we left the booth, I took Paisley to the Sheriffs booth to have her finger printed in case the unthinkable ever happened- as I put her back in her stroller, my diamond must have caught her side- because she let out an ear piercing scream. The little old ladies who were volunteering at the booth, were so confused why my happy fingerprinted child was so sad. I lifted her shirt, only to find that my ring scratched her side really badly!!! I felt SOOO bad. Daddy saved her, and made it all better.... but of course, I felt AWFUL. SOoooo, I bought her some cotton candy, a princess wand and crown, and got her face painted! Spoiled?? NAH!!!!! :P

We had a GREAT family day together- and it's days like this where I realize that I love my lil' family so incredibly much- and no matter what else is going on at any given point- I have these two people who love me SO much!!!


Lizzie Fish said...

awww...poor paisley! i'm glad dada was around to fix it up...and there was cottong candy closeby! that ALWAYS works! =)

hahahah, still laughing..."i mean, nice"

this is a great post. it's so nice to see you so happy. =)


Lizzie Fish said...

not that seeing you happy is out of the ordinary...this is just deep-down happy. that's the great kind.


Our Family of Four said...

So true... the love part that is. Nice feeling huh?!

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