Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's gettin' hot in here....

Man. It is HOTTTTT. I love it. Kinda. Today Tommy came home from work- got in his trunks and jumped in Paisley's pool. Of course Paisley wanted to do what her Daddy did, so she got naked, and jumped in too! We had plans to meet up with Sarah and her family at the beach- but then canceled so we could do breakfast with my mother in law- but once my two were in the pool- there was no getting either of them out. Plus- we never heard back from my MIL. Oh- and did I mention that this was at 10am? :) After 2 hours of pool play, our neighbors invited us over for some fun in the SHADE, and some hawaiian juice. we talked fo a bit- and let the kiddos play. They have a little boy, just 3 months older than Paisley. The two had SO much fun I sit INSIDE in the COOL, trying to avoid over heating. :) Because I am bored- and P is asleep for her nap- I am going to make a list of my childhood memories- here I go:

Childhood Memories:

1. Taking my Dog, Meghan to open lots in and around Carlsbad to run.
2. Lindas Yogurt shop next to Fidels- getting frozen yogurt made to look like an ELephant. SO CUTE.
3. Sylvan Learning Center.
4. Always in the corner in Kindergarden for talking too much :)
5. Whake watching with my soon to be Dad at the age of 4.
6. My Dad hand digging a 20 foot deep wine cellar.
7. Elementary school crushes on Loren, Eric, Danny, Brock and Greg.
8. Family Fun Days at Magnolia Elementary. (it was the kick off for the summer)
9. Jog-a-thon
10. Sarah NEVER eating anything w/o ketchup on it. :)
11. Tymar.
12. Splash Sportswear and Blvd. Casualwear. My Moms clothing shops that I grew up in!
13. Elegance modeling- and my famous- Nordstoms shoot :) Hahahha....
14. Sleepovers on a trundle bed.
15. Family trips to Santa Barbara, Hawaii, Tahoe, or Irvine.
16. Summer School (because I was always in the corner for talking!)
17. Courtney Smith, always having bigger boobs than me.
18. My Dad yelling at me to "NOT SPLASH OUTSIDE THE POOL!!!!" he was very "A.R"
19. Playing house with Sarah, and our cabbage patch kids. (we even had real baby food to "feed" them.
20. Walking to and from, up a hill both ways, to school. :)


Lizzie Fish said...


this is a GREAT post!

brooke2916 said...

Yeah, I agree, GREAT post :) I might have to steal it!

Anonymous said...

What about our memories?I have ALOT of woderful memories with you!love,susie

Kalyn said...

hahaha... SUSIE!!!!!!! What are you DOOing??? Yes- we do have a lot... from Buena Vista Halloween festivals, playing in the cul-de-sac, to playing house w/ the boys- to almost getting lynched by Tanner :)

Lizzie Fish said...

WHOA i forgot to mute and hello you have the BEST PLAYLIST EVER.

i'm stealing all of those songs for paul to limewire for me, okay?

MY WORD. too bad it's totally distracting and i can't focus on more than one thing at a time!

and, music genius, i have been SEARCHING for that apple commercial song since it first came out!!! OMG! how in the world have i not appreciated this until now? ohhh i've been missing out.

(now you say, "i told you so!")

Kalyn said...

I told you so!!! Music is my passion. Oh, and from an artist... Don't limewire. You're stealing their "art" Sorry. I had to say it- now I'm done.

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