Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who Am I And What Day Is Today?

I don't know where I left off on our "Month of Fun"- but Saturday (day 14), was SOOOO hot, Paisley and I stayed inside, and did arts and crafts, oh and her pool for a few. Sunday (day 15) was a little cooler, so we played outside T & P went in the pool, then our neighbors had us over. Monday (day16) I took Paisley to the Flower Fields- and we had a ball!!! This is our third year going to the FLower Fields and among other things- will become a family tradition I adore!!! Today Tommy and I took Paisley to the Beach, and flew Tommy's Uncle Earls kite- Earl passed away 2 years ago. We had a GREAT time, and Earl (the kite) only gave us a hard time once! *The kite is VERY big- and came out of Tommy's hands- and almost decapitated all 3 of us! :0

Yesterday and Today, I have some interesting things happening with me. Family stuff- I wont bore you with ALLLL the details- but basically I am getting back 2 family members. I lost touch with two of them, but each in COMPLETELY different ways. I love my family- I am a family person, for sure. I think growing up as an only child has taught me to appreciate all of them that much more!

My Grandma and I haven't talked in quite some time. We used to have the most wonderful relationship- and I have the BEST memories with her. I could go on and on for hours about all the fun we have had together. Well, her and I do NOT see eye to eye on the way the past 15 years have gone, and neither one of us are ready to let it go- even though she says she has. I called her up yesterday to see if I could try to "rekindle" our friendship. Well- after being told to "Get over it, and go and buy some self help books" my crushed heart and I are just going to be the bigger and better one and PUT her back in my life- whether she wants to be in it or not. *HMPF* Then, my cousins wife, and I just got in contact again today. I have been trying to find her, but we could never get a hold of each-other.... I am SOOO excited that today we found each-other, and I look forward to being a part of the last 4 weeks of her pregnancy, and having her watch Paisley grow up and her soon to be son!!! Yay for warm fuzzies!!

WOW- this is a book! :)


Lizzie Fish said...

your grouchy grandma will thank you later for not giving up on her. your tenacity is admirable! you go girl...and...i am SOOOO jealous of the flower fields! sooo jealous.

Kalyn said...

yeah I dunno. It may just be one of those things to let go- and agree to disagree. I dunno yet. Yes- I actually got a FF pass for this year, so now we can go as often as we like!!!! :)

brooke2916 said...

I lovers you.

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