Sunday, April 27, 2008

Looking Around

Yesterday Oma got Paisley a car seat- so now, "The Adventures of Oma and Paisley" are officially in full effect. :) I told Debbie that if she ever wanted to just swing by and take her to the beach, or go for a walk, or take her out to dinner, she should feel free to do so. :) It is nice. I am actually very excited for Paisley- this will be a lot of fun for her!

On Friday our little beach community experienced a fatal shark attack less than 15 miles down the coast line. Something like this has not happened in over 50 years. Pretty crazy!! Yesterday as we were leaving the beach and the sun was about to set, I noticed how much the community comes together- everyone was sitting out on their lawn, waiting for the magic moment of a sunset. People were laughing and "cheersing" their cocktails- everyone was having a good time. Carlsbad is my home town, my childhood, my roots....I love it- and I love being a part of it.

Today we are off to a BBQ at Brookes home. It will be a fun packed day of sun, and fun with occasional splashing.... I am looking forward to some time with the families! :)


Ghia said...

I have an extra carseat for Joseph if Oma ever wants to swing by and pick him up, too!!!

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