Monday, April 7, 2008

Preschool and "Fact of the Day"

Today I was going to Paisley's school to register her in preschool. I left our house around 7:45- and arrived at the school at 7:56, only to see tents set up, beach chairs out- and a line wrapping around the building! Apparently this is one of the number one schools in North County, and I needed to be here, in line, starting at 3 p.m. YESTERDAY!!!! It never occurred to me that I needed to pitch a tent to get my child a good education. I never knew I would have to wear knit beanies, bring a sleeping bag and rough it with the other die hard parents. Lucky for me- I showed up when the application told me to- and managed to get one of the last few spots!!! So, YAY!!! We got in our #1 Preschool pick!!! I do feel relieved.

Today on the radio, I heard this: Married women have on average 7 hours MORE house work to do than single women. And that, married men clean 1 hour less a day, then single men. Hmmm..... Now it all makes sense!


Lizzie Fish said...

THAT is insane! I'm so happy you got a spot - and now you don't have to go through it again because you're "established." Hooray!

I'm still amazed that some folks were out in tents and beach chairs. That is just excessive. But it does say GREAT things about the school Paisley is going to!

Which one is it?

UGH, so true. I don't know how that one hour of work they DON'T do translates into seven more hours of work for us, but some days (aka today) I totally feel it. =)

brooke2916 said...

Yay for getting P in a good preschool :) It is insane that it has gotten to the point that we need to plan WAY ahead to get our kiddos in good school.

Kalyn said...

Zzzz.... I hour a day times 7 days a week= 7 extra hours :) Not even I am good at math...

DUH! :)

Lizzie Fish said...

oh...i should read more carefully.

Our Family of Four said...

I was all irrated with the reality of the 7 hours more work for me, because it is sooooo true, until I read Liz and your comments!

YEAH P! You must have had the luck of the Irish with you ;o)

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