Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hi, I'm Nelly. Nice To Meet You.

I am having a BAD day. Today, my new name is "Negative Nelly". YUCK. First of all, there is this bird in my backyard chirping in the same tune over and over and over... it is really bugging me. I feel like screaming- or pulling my hair out. Secondly, sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by idiots. Today, as I was pulling out of a drive-thru (Yes, I took Paisley through Jack-in-the-Box for a Chicken sandwich and got myself a really BIG diet coke- I know, Mother of The Year Award, for sure) as I was pulling out, a wanna be rich guy pulled out in what must have been his 1970's Ghetto BMW- he almost hit the side of my car and I said (to myself) "Are you kidding me?" He then mouthed to me "F@#$ YOU!" C'mon... are you serious? Was that REALLY necessary? THEN.... as I was about to turn into my street, a huge van decided to pull an illegal U-Turn, and almost hit me, head on. Niiiiiiiiiiice.

Today started out as an okay day. Paisley and I snuggled in bed for 30 min as she watched Curious George... we had a nice breakfast together, and I picked up the kitchen. Then she decided that is was a good idea to fill up a cup (from her bath) and pour it into her mini sized Tea set. It, of course, overflowed, and went all over our TV stand, and into our Cox DVR recorder. So far, it is okay- but it's the fact that I had already told her (TWICE) that we do not fill up our (teeny tiny) tea set with water. "Because.I.Said.So. "

I guess it's just going to be one of those days- maybe it's because I know my husband is out on a fishing trip with the boys- and I am stuck listening to crazy ASS birds chirping, men mouth "F@#$ You" to me, and a almost 3 year old DRIVE ME NUTS. Whatever- I'll deal with it. The only thing that keeps me hanging on is the big bag of fresh Albacore Tuna my hubby will be bringing home in 8 hours!!!


Lizzie Fish said...

You, my friend, are in desperate need of a Starbucks-fueled browsing trip to Target. The popcorn snack went up to $2-something but it's still TOTALLY worth it. I wish we could be there to go with you. =)

McCoyFamily said...

How was the Tuna? I wish Pat would go catch me some fresh tuna, LOL ...I love tuna it's my favorite food!!!! But I'm not sure it's worth being alone with a almost 3 year old all day:)Peace!

brooke2916 said...

I probably would have unleashed on the MoFo who mouthed F-U. Hope your day got better!

Oh, and BTW, there is NOTHING wrong with letting your child have fast food every once in a while!

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