Sunday, June 22, 2008

Calling in Life & P's Special Day

Saturday, I was at the beach with my M.I.L and two of the men from the home where she lives and helps out. (There are 6 adult men that have Down Syndrome or something similar.) The two guys that came with us to the beach were Bob, and Scotty. Both have lived at the house for a while, and both love Paisley very much. One of the things I noticed that day (besides the 2 dozen middle aged, hot husbands and slim & trim wives with their perfect bodies, their perfect bathing suits, their perfect kids and did I mention HOTT husbands?) was how much I enjoy having people in my life that are effected by Down Syndrome, I have always felt that there would be "Down Syndrome" in my life. Not someone I know having it- but almost a calling towards it. Weather it be me working with Down Syndrome kids or adults, or studying it and helping find funds for medical research. What I realized on Saturday while watching Paisley & Scotty build, what might have been the worst looking sand castle I have ever seen, was that SHE is a part of it, and I love it. Maybe this is what my calling was.... For my M.I. L to live in a home where they take care of people with DS, so I can be around them, and so I can teach Paisley that they are people too. Once again, one of the many examples of how and why everything happens for a reason! :)

Today was Paisley's special day- she picked out what she wanted to do. Paisley picked going to the mall, and getting a (small) bag of candy, playing at the Tot-Lot (which Mommy hates) going out to dinner together, then a trip to the dollar store for a new toy. We actually had tons of fun, and there was no time outs involved, which was nice- seeing as it was her "special day". Every so often, I try to make a day just for her. I feel like sometimes she gets so swept up in what I need or want to do that she becomes more of my accessory than my best friend/daughter. Funny story- today, while we were at the tot lot, a woman sitting next to me was breast feeding. Now- I am ALL about breast feeding... but not like this. I swear, every time I glanced that direction, I saw her full on BOOB staring at me. I would quickly look away, but then as my eyes would follow Paisley, she would lead me back in that direction- and I would see a GIANT nipple staring me in the eye. IT WAS SO GROSS! The weirdest part was, her son was getting so distracted by all the kids- he would sit up literally every other second, so she would pull her shirt up, and leave that beast of a breast- sitting out! It was like a staring contest that I did NOT want to win. (0) (0) :)


Lizzie Fish said...

omg you saw NIPPLE?

like a peek of flesh every now and then, how can you help it, but NIPPLE? what are we, cows? seriously. cover that up. put a baby on it, SOMETHING. have some consideration.

Jen @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

While Mr. C and I were at the beach this past week, there was a family staying in our hotel that had a daughter with down syndrome. She was the cutest little thing but hated being sprayed off when they came off the beach.

And I'm all for breastfeeding too... but it's so hard NOT to look! And it gets worse b/c you KNOW it's there. hee hee.

Thanks for visiting! :)

brooke2916 said...

That's so weird you feel that about DS... I've always felt that way about autism. There was a little boy who used to come to the flower shop I worked at that had Autism, and I swear, he was one of the most special little boys I've ever met!

As for the boob situation... well I told you my worst breastfeeding story earlier, so you know how I feel. But, yeah. I'm a proud breastfeeding mama... but I still ALWAYS try to cover up as best as possible while out in public. At home... not so much.

Steph said...

Every breast feeding mom needs one of is called the "Hooter Hider" - my cousin had one and I thought it was wonderful, so I got it for my best friend who just had a baby! I'm all for breast feeding, but I'm not for seeing it all take place. I have my own boobs to looks at - I don't need to see other people's girls too! :) Here is the link for all you breast feeding mommies...I think you might like it!

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