Saturday, June 28, 2008

Post Secret

So, I've become obsessed with the blog Post Secret. I LOVE reading what REAL peoples REAL secrets (or fears or desires) are. I think I am going to go to Barnes & Noble tomorrow, and buy one of the actual books. Did you know that it has become like a community??!! People place a secret inside one of the PS (Post Secret) books- and leave it for someone else to find. If someone finds it- if the number or email was left, they can then chose what they would like to do, leave it, call them, email them.... whatever. There are no rules. It may come at a very good time in your life, or you may find it and it may be a time of need for that person. Either way- I am consumed with this idea.

** I know this sounds wishy-washy. Go to the blog- then click on their website. Read how this concept was born. Fascinating**


brooke2916 said...

I've seen the site while cruising through your links... it's pretty cool... and kinda weird too. Some people have some weird secrets!

Kalyn said...

I know- that's why I LOVE it :) I want to submit one. You'll never know which one is mine!!!! :)

brooke2916 said...

I've thought about it too :)

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