Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I swear... all firemen are pyro maniac's. All the little boys that want to burn anything in sight, become Firemen. Right now, as type this, Tommy is in the backyard showing Paisley how she can burn things with her new dollar store magnifying glass. Thankfully, I know she will not be able to mock him ,at least not for another few months, and by then she will have forgotten how to create the burn spot on a piece of bark. I bet he is showing her how to kill bugs by burning off their legs, and how to burn the bark that is in our back flower beds.

Uh-Oh I smell smoke.

Gotta Go.
***EDIT** He came in unsuccessful at burning anything. When he went in to Paisley down for a nap, I grabbed a piece of wood, and the dollar store magnifying glass- and burned my initials into it. :) Must take a real genius :)


Lizzie Fish said...

oh my gosh - not just firemen. but paul's normal job is blowing stuff up, so maybe it's the same thing. or maybe it's b/c boys are always boys regardless of whether they have to shave and have really cool jobs.

paul was burning beetles the other day - chasing them around the backyard with our grill lighter. so gross! carly thought it was AWESOME.

Kalyn said...

boys really are gross. Really gross.

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