Friday, June 13, 2008

Sunburned and Tired

YIKES!! I am TIRED today. We just got back from Sea World, and hanging out in the Bay of Play. THey kept a lot of the same stuff- moved it around a bit, but utilized the space they had there MUCH better. Paisley got to see Elmo and his friends in a short concert.It was cute. Mommy climbed up that rope thing- I amost had a heart attack. Tommy was behind me the entire time saying "look at Mommy- she is going to pass out" it was great. I did however, make it up the rope to get up and over the edge- which I thought was going to kill me. It would have been easier without sandals on. WHAT? YOU TRY IT!!! :)

Do you like my new colors and LO? SO do I. Thanks ZZZrd. :P okay- I am off to go spend quality time with my bubbas.... like she doesn't get enough :)


Lizzie Fish said...

OMG this looks SO GOOD

i love the gray background, sweet and soft! hooray!

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