Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fun Filled Times

Today I woke up, and decided that I wanted to do something different. I feel like I have been in a creative "Brain Fart" as for what to do with Paisley lately. It's all this traveling I have been doing- I kinda felt like a normal 26, almost 27 year old for a while. I didn't have to do the morning routine, or any bath times... then *FLASH* I came home. Today we hopped in the car relatively early- drove to "Oma's" house only for me to remember as we were pulling down her street that she was in Palm Springs for the weekend. (sigh) After calming my nearly hysterical child down, we pulled up at Guajome Park to play. Did you know they charge 3$ for parking AT A PARK???!!!! We stayed for a half hour, but as soon as I saw the Parking Meter Fairy pull up- I threw Paisley in the car, and we bolted. We swung by Lowes, then hit up Sub Way. We went to have lunch at the park behind our house- but it was too hot. Then we came home, and decided to break out the bathing suits and wash my car. Hers not mine... Hahahaha could you imagine ME in a bathing suit, washing my car??? Sing it with me now "Workin' at tha Carwash-ya!...A-Whoo, A-Whoo"


I can't say that what we did was in fact "different" but we had fun. She took a god nap, and I did too. When P woke up, she told me that she wanted to bake Daddy a cake for "Fauvers Day". I had wanted to pick up one last thing for Tommy anyways, so we hopped in my sparkling car, and ran 2 errands. :) We had a GREAT day together, and hopefully tomorrow will be even better!

P.S The Notebook is on right now. It is not only one of my most favorite books, but favorite movies! I absolutely LOVE it. So, I gots to go so I can sit on my couch and eat my frozen grapes! :p


Sarah D said...

You don't give yourself enough are ALWAYS creative when it comes to that lucky little girl! As for the Notebook, I was right there whicha'!! Love that movie! Why is Noah so hot? I don't know what it is???

Anonymous said...

You live in the best area for activities and do so much with Paisley-no wonder she is so adventurous and easy going when it comes to trying new things. Gotta love those impromptu plans that fall through-has happened to me more than once and it is not easy to explain to an almost 3 year old. At least you found a park-and yes they charge admission for a park around here and it drives me crazy! Kate

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