Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Too Fun Tuesdays

Can you guess what these are???


Lizzie Fish said...

rabbits? no, wait...GERBILS???

crap. hold on...i know...MASTADONS.

got it! i am so smrat.

brooke2916 said...

They look to me to be some phsyco hedgehogs!

Kalyn said...

They look just Fabulous to me :)

McCoyFamily said...

They look like some mice in one of those crane machines.

Lizzie Fish said...

kalyn. re: your comment.

if telling made it so then we wouldn't have the issues with the hamper and the dishwasher, would we? hm. NO. no, we would not.

everything will be fine.

and since WHEN am I dramatic???? SERIOUSLY!!!

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