Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lovin' Life in Oceanside Ca.

Today and the past 3 days have been some of the most beautiful days that I have experienced in Southern California in a LONG, LONG time. The weather has been just hot enough, but not too hot. The breeze has been cool, but not chilly. I love living here- and I don't think I will ever leave. (unless he transfers to a Santa Barbara Fire Dept.)
On Sunday, Tommy and I picked up Paddle Boarding, and we are so excited for it. We just got home about an hour ago from our second attempt. Neither of us fell in the water, which is a big improvement for me! After some paddle boarding, we both went Kayaking. Paisley sat on my lap, then his. She is such a trooper, and loves every minute of it. After we got back to shore, she hopped on the Paddle Board with Tommy, and he cruised around the lagoon with her on the nose of the board. SHE LOVES IT!!!!!! If any of you live near an ocean, lake, or a lagoon I highly recommend you trying this. If you are at all interested, go here: www.surfdarrelljones.com You even get to pick your own colors and designs.... I think mine will be hot pink and Black :)


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