Wednesday, July 23, 2008

...and they're off!

Today we are going to the Horse Races. I put Paisley down for an early nap and we are meeting up with our friends and their little boy at 1:30. It should be a really fun day. I tried explaining it to Paisley, and with her selective hearing, she got "Horses" "Super Fast" and "Bang" from my explanation. So, well see. I'll bet she really enjoys it.

Funny Story: Today, Tommy forgot that he lad a work meeting, so he quickly jumped in the car and went to the meeting. Once he left, I locked the front door and the door into the garage then hopped into the shower. After my shower, I threw on a little night gown dress thing- I was/am doing laundry- so I didn't want to get dressed, only to get dressed again for the Race Track. When Tommy came home, I was on the phone with a friend, and he saw me sitting on the couch with my night gown dress thing, and said "Hmm- THAT'S weird- in a nighty and all the doors locked? Hmm" and walked off. I couldn't help but laugh. Did he honestly think I was having an affair while he was at his 30 minute work meeting, or that I would actually wear THIS to impress a man? OMG. I told him I was flattered that he thought I was, but that he was absolutely crazy. He asked me why all the doors were locked, and I told him that I always lock all the doors when I take a shower.... I mean, that's being a good Mommy right?? Anyways, that made me smile and I thought you'd get a laugh too. Gotta go for now- I need to pack P a lunch, and put my make up on before we leave. I'll write more later, maybe tonight!


brooke2916 said...

LOL! That's funny :) Hope you're all having a great time where the Turf Meets the Surf!

Kalyn said...

DUDE- we left the house with the garage door open. We JUST got home. It was open with FULL access to our house for over 7 hours!!!! I guess we do live in a safer neighbor hood than I thought. Tommy said the first thing he checked was for his (brand new) surf board. GO FIGURE!!!

brooke2916 said...

Oh NO! Well, at least everything is still there!

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