Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm still laughing!

You know when you are best friends with someone when they call you on the phone, you answer, no words are even exchanged, and you laugh hysterically for over a minute. Aren't inside jokes just the best? I'll give you a clue, Walmart, Hedgehogs, and the USPS. Can't beat a joke like that!


Lizzie Fish said...

this made me laugh! OMG! it is SO FUNNY. every time i see it, i think of all the times we've laughed ourselves silly about this. it's taken on a life of its own! HAHAHA AND IT WAS FROM WAL-MART!!! OMG.

you know i clorox anywhere sprayed it! HAHAHAH

Kalyn said...

Hahahaha that WAS the best part:

Liz: "And Hi... WHERE did you find this???"
Kalyn: giggle giggle...
Liz: " Where did you get it?"
Kalyn: WALMART!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz and Kalyn in Stereo for another 2 min: LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY!!!!!!!

Lizzie Fish said...

....i KNOW...and now it's just funny because it's funny. that's the BEST! =)

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