Thursday, July 31, 2008

Glowing Cats and Smores!

Tomorrow we leave for our First Annual Davis/ Kavanaugh Camping Trip. It's not really an annual thing, but I think it should be. Sarah and I have been friends since Kindergarten. We were inseparable most of our childhood. Of course, Jr. High and High School (okay and college too) brought arguments, and fights- but we managed to stay friends all these years! It's not very often that you can say you have known someone for 22+ years, and now our daughters are growing up together! Something we both dreamed of while growing up!

I am so excited to leave tomorrow- even though that means basically packing up our day to day life for just FOUR DAYS- but it all is crucial! We have to pack for beach days, at the trailer, potty needs, sleeping needs (BTW- wish me luck on that!) and everything in between! Her daughter is almost 1 1/2 and P is just 2 weeks shy of 3. Should be fun! :)We are BBQ'ing our dinners, and preparing meals for breakfast and lunch. We even brought stuff for smores! The checkout guy at Albertsons told us that there is rumor that there is a glowing cat that haunts the campgrounds (trailer area)- I told him I didn't want to hear anymore about it- that's the last thing I want to be thinking, or shall I say worrying about..... a RADIO-ACTIVE CAT haunting me. Weird.

I'm sure I'll take a thousand and three photos, so if you want to see them, just ask! Have a great weekend!!!


brooke2916 said...

How fun for you guys!!! I've been wanting to go camping for months now... I'm just a little nervous doing it with Mason.

Try to get a picture of the cat for me :)

McCoyFamily said...

How fun.... hope you guys have a blast can't wait for the pictures!

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