Friday, July 25, 2008

Paisley's Party Fun

After our last few errands finished today, I pretty much have all of Paisley's B-day party covered. We are having a small gathering in our backyard this time. No more big parties, or festivities. After last years drama with having to switch parks on a moments notice- I am cutting out all factors and having a small party here. Just a few of my closest friends, and a pool or two for the kiddos. This years theme (even thought it may be small, there is always a theme!) is "Sweets & Treats" We've got cupcakes, popsicles, make your own sundaes, a candy jar bar, you name it- if it is sweet, we've got it. :) The candy bar has more treat like things vs. actual sweets, pretzels, popcorn, cookies, taffy..... okay, there are a few sweets!

I am actually pretty excited for all of it- it should be really fun! For decorations, I put together terra cotta pots that have a styrofoam ball in it, with a gigantic loli-pop sticking out of it, covered with gum drops- then pretend ice cream cones filled with marshmallows, then covered in a napkin (to look like a real ice cream) as a decoration, fruit loops as confetti, and borrowed hand made giant loli- pops for the backyard. WHEW- I am tired just typing it. Overall I am pretty excited for the smallness of it, but the quality of it. Should be really cute!

People keep asking me what she wants for her B-day, and to be honest- I have NOOOO idea. The kid has everything. Really. She has too much clothes (Yes, I really just admitted that) too many toys.... I don't know. Anyone have any good ideas for what a 3 year old would want or "need" ?


Gretchen said...

artsy stuff!!! bubbles!!! fun bath toys!!! hooray! =)

seriously this party sounds SO amazing. you did such a great job with paisley's first two parties, i know this one is going to be so wonderful. i know you don't normally post many photos on your blog unlike me who posts wayyyyy too many all the time...but please! give us something when it's ready! it's going to be so adorable. =)

we'll be there in spirit! =)

Gretchen said...

HAHA that's my granny....HAHAHA this is lizzie fish!

Kalyn said...

why does it say gretchen???

Anonymous said...

Your blogs are sooooo cute! I really miss hangin' out with you two. I am really looking forward to P's party but I am hoping Cody will be better by then - she has a pneumonia right now (right after an ear infection)! I feel so bad for her - oh yeah, and her cough is starting to sound like croup! Anyways, I'm pretty sure she is slowly getting better =) Gift Ideas for P - College Fund Baby!!! (oh yeah, and a small toy to open) hahaha!
Love ya,

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