Saturday, July 12, 2008

Picture Perfect

This morning we decided to go to the beach as a family... Paisley hadn't been out of the house in a few days, which is very rare for us. On Wednesday she got a minor case of croup, then I got sick too. Today we are both felling 75% better- so we decided to "Beach It". Tommy knew I still wasn't feeling totally up to par, so he did all the Daddy duties and let me sit back in a chair and just relax. As I was sitting in my chair, relaxing, I looked around and noticed how beautiful the day was. The water was a clear turquoise with small perfect waves, the sky was blue with white puffy clouds. The sun was warm, but not hot yet because it was so early. Tiny sprinkles kept falling from the overly filled clouds. It felt very tropical out. When I looked towards the water I saw my Sweet Paisley Reese and The Love Of My Life, Tommy walking hand in hand towards the water. Tommy turned around, just in time to catch me smile and said "what?" with a smirk on his face. I told him it was nothing and that I just loved him. Moments like this take my breathe away and I never want them to end. Paisley had her hat on backwards- and sand on the tip of her nose. She was totally unaware that her hair was messy and kept flying into her face. She could have cared less- she had her Daddy beside her and her Mommy behind her. Right where we should be. Everything was perfect. Picture Perfect.


Lizzie Fish said...

this is beautiful =)

brooke2916 said...

This is sweet :)

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