Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Lil' Old Soul

I have known since Paisley could crawl, that she loved music and could shake her lil' booty... but I had Nooooo idea that in 2 years it would amount to an appreciation for The Lawrence Welk Show on PBS. Yes. The Lawrence Welk Show. We were hanging out in my room- and she turned the TV on. She changes the channel a few time, and then stopped on channel 11. I get it that there was singing and some mild dancing- but c'mon, it's not THAT interesting!!! She stood there and stared at the TV for well over a minute. Then a tap dancer came on and he started doing the wings thing (I don't know tap lingo) with his legs. She got so excited, she ran into her room and grabbed her tap shoes to re create what he had just done. Unsuccessful, she fell to the ground, eyes still locked on the TV. SHe got right back up, and stared some more. I actually had to peel her away from the TV. Who'd-a-thought my almost 3 year old would have such an old soul!


Lizzie Fish said...

adorable! i wish i could have seen that!

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