Friday, July 11, 2008

Sweet Paisley Reese

Paisley's vocabulary is like nothing else. It's almost as if she woke up one morning, and decided to start talking like a 4 year old. The words she says are hilarious and the phrases she says just crack us up.... I can never remember what she said when I go to blog about it- so here are a few:

"Holy-Ga-goly" = Holy Guacamole
"My Tummie Gurrgle-ie" = My Tummy is Gurgling
"You say it toged-er" = You said it together (when my MIL and I said something at the exact same time)
"The Train is going to Escondi-yo?!" That's Escondido. :) THis is whenever she sees a train going east or west bound!

When I ask her to do me a favor, or put her toys away she responds with : "NOoo Pob-lem-O"

Yesterday she told me that she needed to put an ice cube on the bee (that was walking around on our patio) because it was too hot. I let her- and then I proceeded to watch the bee die. :(

A few weeks ago- Tommy came home from work, and when he got home she jumped into his lap and then told him about how he helps people with "BIG" Boo-Boo's . Then she hugged him, and told him that she was so proud of him!!! (I KNOW!!)

Anything and everything that we do, she tells me it is because or for her "Bir-Day Paryee" I haven't even mentioned her B-day party to her, so I have NO idea where she got it from.


Lizzie Fish said...

awwww...that is SO sweet!!! what a big girl =)

i love the no problemo...can i borrow it? of course, carly would probably tell me there IS a problemo and it would probably have something to do with thomas or strawberry shortcake. haha!

this is nice. =)

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