Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today's Fun

Today Paisley was feeling much better, so after taking it easy today- Mommy was in much need to get out of the house- so we decided to go to the "Concerts In The Park" up at the local YMCA, which was only a few feet from my house. We got there early, and got a great lil' spot. Paisley instantly made friends with about 3 little girls her age, then about 10 more kids varying in all different ages. At one point, Paisley dragged two of the little girls up the hill ( we sat right on the outskirts of the park so P could run up and down the hill to tire herself out :)) JUST to tell me that "these girls are my new friends Mom" Just seconds before, I was telling Debbie how outgoing and friendly she is- and that I can already see her leadership skills. WHen we sat down and got our picnic are all settled, a little girl (who later became her "friend") sat down near us with her Mommy. Paisley, being the outgoing kiddo that she is, went over and showed her how she could dance. In the process of many twirls, Paisley lost her footing, and fell on the Mommy's plate of Tortelini's and Tomatoes- oh yes, they went flying!!! I felt so bad- but it was an honest accident!!

Okay- off to bed now- I need to get this soar throat OUT of my throat!


Misty said...

She sounds adorable!
I hope you don't mind my commenting. I just found your blog and loved your stories!

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